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Emmanuel Garcia de Alba Photo Story Teller, is an experienced Destination Wedding Photographer with years of work in Mexico and in the beautiful Sayulita, Los Cabos and the Mexican Caribean. Emmanuel, captures with elegance and a fresh approach the true story behind your wedding day.

What our clients say

Our wedding day was the most magical, beautiful and happy day of my life. Still today, 6 months after, I look again at my pictures (which I have seen a thousand times) and I relive every emotion of that day. This couldn't have been possible if we hadn't picked Emmanuel as our photographer. They are not the typical photos in which you have to just pose, smile, count to 3, wait for the shot and next... I loved that they were so natural, that he knew how to reflect our personality and essence as a couple, but most of all, that he knew how to transmit in every shot the feelings that we were experiencing in every single moment. Organize my wedding wasn't easy, I did it with all my love and I wanted that everything turn out perfect and beautiful, and the ONLY physical evidence that will remain from that incredible day are our pictures. When we were looking for our wedding photographer we wanted to make sure that we were choosing the best... and we certainly did! Pau & Felipe / Guadalajara, MX
Emmanuel was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! We get to re-live it over and over again every time we look at our AMAZING pictures! He captured the mood and emotions behind each moment of our wedding in his incredibly stunning shots. Three years after my wedding I still have complete strangers messaging me asking me "who was your wedding photographer"? and "do you think he will fly to NY to photograph my wedding"? I highly recommend Emmanuel to everyone I know! We couldn't be happier with his work! Jackie & Billy / New York, USA
Emmanuel is not only a phenomenal photographer, but he's also a great addition to a wedding party. He was able to capture our best moments in both staged and candid shots and even though we're quite baised, these are some of the best wedding photos we've ever seen. Emmanuel has an incredible artistic eye and will give you photos that make you remember exactly how you were feeling on your wedding day.
We love you, Emmanuel! Jackie & Shanae' / Chicago, IL
Emmanuel is the BEST decision we made for our wedding!!! He is truly THE BEST wedding photographer!! We found him by looking through some wedding pictures and asking... "Who was the photographer at this wedding? The photos are amazing!"... and the rest was history. He kept the entire day super organized, he was very interested in getting to know who we were as couple so he could capture our wedding in a style that would reflect our unique relationship, was so profesional and fun!! HE WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!. Ruth & Luis / Aguascalientes, MX
My wife and I got married two years ago. Now that all the excitement is over, we realize how important it was to have a great photographer. We can sit and enjoy that day because we have truly beautiful pictures. We don't think anymore how stressful the day was because Emmanuel was able to capture the best moments of our entire wedding. We see how much fun our guests had, how beautiful my wife looked, how wonderful the sunset was that day. All we wanted originally was a nice picture to hang on our living room wall but Emmanuel was able to give us a collection of the most beautiful moments from our wedding. All we have left from our wedding day are the memories and the beautiful pictures that enhance them. Emmanuel was the right photographer for such an important day!. Rachel & Eduardo / Vancouver, CA
Emmanuel attended our wedding in 2011 and he gave us the best present we could have received: his intimate view of a once in a lifetime event. Not only he captured every moment of that magnificent day, but he did it in a way that only an artist can do, reflecting the warmth of his soul in every shot. Every time we re-look at the images, we bring back every level of memory we treasure of that day: the anticipation, the excitement, the joy, and above all, the love; not only the love my husband and I share, but the love of those very few who shared with us that very special day. He's a very committed professional, and his pictures are always elegant, bright and flawless. I'm familiar with Emmanuel's job for quite a long time now, and I can only say that it keeps getting better and better. So if you like what you've seen of Emmanuel's work so far and you hire him for your big day, you can be sure that your own wedding pictures will be the best ones you've ever seen. Myriam & Hector / Guadalajara, MX
Almost four years ago Emmanuel took the pictures for our wedding... and it was the best decision we made! Not only we got really good pictures to keep for a lifetime, but we really enjoyed the experience. Emmanuel is very professional and dedicated and has always the best attitude. We have seen some of his work and he is a very talented and experienced photographer. If you want to assure a good record of your memories, we truly recommend him. Gabriela & JC / Guadalajara, MX